National Masonry Instructors Association

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Stevensville, MD 21666
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President's Message

Dear Colleague,

It is an honor to serve as the National Masonry Instructor Association (NMIA), president for 2019-21, and I am eager to get to know more of you, along with your interests and concerns, in the coming year. The Executive Council, of NMIA and members along with the MCAA hope to show how the NMIA can make a difference in your profession as a masonry instructor or industry partner.

The NMIA is a major force in the development and education of new and experience masonry instructors in the United States. It offers opportunities foryoung, advanced, as well as, upcoming masonry instructors to obtain knowledge and techniques in the latest skills that industry is looking for in their employees. The organization provides industry partners a gateway to speak directly to our origination members, who are in direct contact with their future employees.

NMIA is a place where masonry instructors and business industry partners can come together, work together and collaborate on the best ways and practices to educate and sustain students for years to come in the masonry industry. Our job is to advocate for masonry teachers, as well as preparing the students for the work place. We want instructors and students to develop pride in what they do. We also want instructors and students to be proud of this profession, in the public arena. Whether industry is seeking workers for commercial, residential or industrial work, we want instructors to be prepared to teach students what they need to know. NMIA is here to support masonry instructors in teaching student's skills and techniques that will prepare them, regarding industry work. NMIA though its conferences, provide information and resources that help instructors grow and become more effective in and out of the classroom.

On behalf of the NMIA organization I want thank you for visiting our website and to encourage you if you are not a member to join our organization and become a part of helping us help others become more knowledgeable in their job. As president I am proud of the contributions that the NMIA has made and will continue to make as we go forward!

Kenny Allen